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8:53 PM


Several weeks back, Counterpunch published a Gary Leupp article entitled, "The Revival of Mani". Speaking, of course, of the Mani of "Manicheism" fame, the Persian/Zoroastrian-derived challenger to burgeoning 4th century Christianity.

(Although Christianity would eventually [Nicene] creed-out Manicheism, some interpreters appropriated Manicheism's detailed dualism of good and evil, replete with a highly delineated, unseen spiritworld of beings fighting this fight. Certain Bible-believing Christians, the types who adhere to "spiritual warfare", have taken up the Manicheian mantle in the present day, and owe a lot to Manicheism for their worldview and vocabulary. This would be "The Christian Right" as it is now commonly known.)

So now, in the secular realm, we've got the Axis of Evil. Or, as the case may be, what Interesting Monstah has termed the "Axis of Selective Manicheism."

Now, we know for sure that North Korea has WMD.

And, that Axis of Otherwise Dubious Valor member Pakistan facilitated their development.

All this war hoopla was because we didn't know (but suspected) that Saddam has WMD. This, about North Korea, we now know for sure, and have known for the better part of two weeks now.

The big call-your-senator-and-house-rep race was on last week. Yet, it would seem, the pro-war fix was already in.

We are supposed to accept that war with Iraq is a given, to be presumed because they might/perhaps have nukes. Yet, according to this MSNBC piece, the two options with N. Korea are either 1- "pursuing a verifiable deal to eliminate its nuclear program" or 2- "isolation and deterrence."

North Korea caught the US with its diplomatic pants down. And now, there is yet another nuclear power in the world madness mix.


You pro-war dupes and suckers are being used as tools.

--Because I said so